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Top 16 Yoga Poses for Kids

Yoga is a healthy and relaxing practice suitable for all ages. It can be done at home, outside and at yoga studios. But the way to practice it differs due to age factors. Yoga for kids is the same but more fun. The goal is to interest the young minds. The focus should be on movement and easy poses. Once they master that then bit by bit add breathing exercises and meditation. 

Yoga has several benefits for children. These include relaxation, better sleep, good balance and strength among others. Given below are the top 16 yoga poses for children. These are easy to do and best to start the yoga practice with. You can start on them first and then teach your child.

Yoga Poses for Kids 

Easy Sitting Pose :


1. This is one of the easiest of all poses. Indians usually sit cross-legged so it is much easier for your child.

A. How to Do:

  • Sit on the firm ground or mat with a straight back.
  • Cross your legs with knees towards the ground. 
  • Rest your hands on the knees.
  • Relax your shoulders.
  • Take deep breaths.

B. Benefits of Easy Sitting Pose

  1. Relaxes the body and lowers stress
  2. Corrects posture
  3. Higher focus
  4. Raises strength and suppleness of backs, hips and legs

2. Tabletop Pose

  • This pose is the basic pose for other poses like cat and cow poses.

A. How to Do:

  1. Rest on your hands and knees in an all-fours position. 
  2. Knees should be positioned below the knees.
  3. Feet should be positioned in line with the knees. Curl the toes.
  4. Wrists, elbows and shoulders should be straight and at a 90 degree angle to the floor. 
  5. Palms and elbows should be directly under the shoulders. 
  6. Fingers should face forward.
  7. Back should be straight like a tabletop.
  8. Head should be aligned with the back with eyes looking at floor.

B. Benefits of Tabletop Pose

  1. Strengthens the core.
  2. Relaxes the spine.
  3. Massages the abdomen
  4. Improves the posture

3. Cat and Cow Poses

We have combined these 2 animal yoga poses for kids in one. These have slight differences but the same function. The function is to serve as a warm up workout for the spine. 

A. How to Do:

  • Take a tabletop position as described above.
  • For cat pose, exhale and round the back towards the ceiling. 
  • Tuck your chin to the chest.
  • Inhale and come back to the tabletop position.
  • For cow pose, inhale and arch the back downwards by dipping the belly.
  • Lift your head and look up. 
  • Exhale and come back to the tabletop position. 

B. Benefits of Cat and Cow Poses

  • Stretches the back, torso and spine.
  • Massages the abdomen and core
  • Releases tension and provides relaxation
  • Makes joints supple.

4. Standing Forward Bend Pose

This pose is also called rag doll pose. It helps in keeping the leg muscles supple.

A. How to Do:

  1. Stand straight and balance the body weight properly on the feet.
  2. Feet should be at shoulder width.
  3. Now slowly bend forward.
  4. Bring your head down towards the floor.
  5. Try to keep the legs straight. If uncomfortable then you may bend your legs.
  6. Slowly come back to the initial position. 

B. Benefits of Standing Forward Bend Pose

  • Stretches the leg muscles
  • Calms the mind
  • Increases flexibility
  • Better oxygen flow to the body

5. Seated Forward Fold Pose

This is an easy to start pose for kids yoga

A. How to Do:

  1. Sit on the floor.
  2. Stretch your legs straight out in front of the body.
  3. Raise your arms up.
  4. While sitting, bend forward as far as possible. 
  5. Try to reach your feet. At the same time try to keep your feet straight without bending the knees. 
  6. If uncomfortable, then bend the knees slightly.
  7. If you are unable to touch your feet, then reach for knees or legs. If the feet cannot be reached, reach for the legs.
  8. Take a few deep breaths.
  9. Return to the initial position. 

B. Benefits of Seated Forward Fold Pose

  1. Relaxes mind and body
  2. Lowers stress levels and anxiety. 
  3. Lowers fatigue and improves digestion.
  4. Stretches the leg muscles.

6. Child Yoga Pose

Child pose as the name suggests mimics what infants do and calms the body.

A. How to Do:

  1. Sit on the floor with your legs folded forward and heels tucked under the hips.
  2. Slowly lower the torso and bring the head down forward in the front of knees.
  3. Stretch the arms out in front or rest alongside the body. 
  4. Take a few deep breaths and return to the initial position.

B. Benefits of Child Yoga Pose

  1. Calms the mind.
  2. Relaxes the body.
  3. Reduces stress and tension
  4. Increases strength and suppleness in ankles, legs and hips


7. Butterfly Yoga Pose

This pose is among the most fun yoga poses for kids.  It is easy to do and your children will enjoy it immensely. 

A. How to Do:

  1. Sit on the floor with the soles of the feet touching together.
  2. Knees should be out to the sides. 
  3. Hold your feet together with hands so they do not slip.
  4. Take deep breaths and flap your legs like butterflies at the same time. 
  5. Do it for a minute. 
  6. Increase the time to 3-4 minutes later on. 

B. Benefits of Child Yoga Pose

  1. Improves digestion
  2. Strengthens legs and abdomen
  3. Reduces fatigue and anxiety
  4. Calms the body and relieves headaches


8. Boat Yoga Pose

This pose includes making a rough boat shape with your body. 

A. How to do:

  1. Lie down on the floor with feet together and arms on the sides. 
  2. Unfold the arms and fingers at the direction of toes. 
  3. Inhale and at the same time raise your legs and torso.
  4. Try to touch your feet with fingers.
  5. Try so that only your hips should remain on the floor.
  6. Hold your breath for a count of 8-10 seconds.
  7. Exhale and return to the initial position.

B. Benefits of Boat Yoga Pose

  1. Strengthens the core, shoulders and thighs
  2. You may even get six packs doing it on regular basis.
  3. Improves liver and kidney functions.
  4. Improves digestion and cures constipation


9. Bridge Yoga Pose

You must have viewed this pose on the Instagram feed of many famous people. This is a type of back bend for stretching spines and thighs. It is one of the best yoga for kids for relieving back problems.

A. How to Do:

  1. Lay down on the floor on your back.
  2. Keep your knees bent. Feet should be flat on the floor.
  3. Arms should rest alongside the body with palms downwards.
  4. Inhale and lift your lower back, buttocks and thighs off the floor. 
  5. Tuck your chin into the chest.
  6. Your arms, shoulders and feet should support the body.
  7. Hold for a few deep breaths.
  8. Return to the initial position.

B. Benefits of Bridge Yoga Pose

  1. Stretches the shoulders and chest
  2. Stretches the thighs and hips
  3. Flexes the spine
  4. Relieves back pain


10. Happy Baby Yoga Pose

This exercise is silly, fun and incredibly calming. 

A. How to Do:

  1. Lie on your back and draw the knees towards the chest.
  2. Hold the soles or fingers of your feet with your hands.
  3. Keep your arms above the torso.
  4. Draw the shoulders towards the floor.
  5. Try to press the lower back flat to the ground.
  6. Now rock side by side like a baby does. 
  7. Do the motion for a minute.
  8. Return to the initial position. 

B. Benefits of Happy Baby Yoga Pose

  1. Relaxes the spine
  2. Reduces back pain
  3. Strengthens shoulders and arms
  4. Makes the hips, thighs and inner groin supple.


11. Resting Yoga Pose

This simple to do pose is also known as a corpse pose. This is a simple relaxation yoga for kids

A. How to Do:

  1. Lie flat on the floor on your back with the arms by the sides. 
  2. Breathe slowly and deeply.
  3. Do at least for 5 minutes.

B. Benefits of Resting Yoga Pose

  1. It Relaxes and refreshes the body.
  2. Calms the mind and increases focus
  3. Reduces anxiety
  4. Reduces tension from the body


12. Mountain Yoga Pose

This is the base for all standing yoga poses. 

A. How to do:

  1. Stand straight with feet slightly wider than shoulders. 
  2. Spread the toes and keep arms at the sides.
  3. Relax the shoulders and raise the arms above the head.
  4. Breathe deeply and hold the posture as long as you are comfy. 
  5. Return to the initial position. 

B. Benefits of Mountain Yoga Pose

  1. Improves the posture
  2. Helps in getting better sleep
  3. Firms the stomach and hips
  4. Strengthens leg muscles overall


13. Tree Yoga Pose

This pose is popular in kids yoga. This is more challenging than the mountain pose. But children love it as it requires maintaining balance. 

A. How to do:

  1. Stand straight on the floor.
  2. Bend slightly the knee of one foot and raise the other foot from the floor.
  3. Put the sole of the raised foot on the ankle, side of the thigh or calf, whatever you are comfy with. 
  4. Raise your arms and join your hands together like ‘Namaste’ over your head. 
  5. Stare straight ahead.
  6. Hold for a few breaths.
  7. Now alternate the foot and repeat.

B. Benefits of Tree Yoga Pose

  1. Improves posture and balance.
  2. Strengthens shoulders and core muscles 
  3. Strengthens legs and thigh muscles
  4. Improves focus


14. Chair Yoga pose

This pose is one of the most dynamic yoga poses for kids

A. How to do:

  1. Stand straight with feet slightly wider than shoulders. 
  2. Take a deep breath and raise your arms above the head.
  3. Bend your knees in a half-squat position
  4. Bring your arms down parallel to the floor.
  5. Palms should face downwards and back should not be curved.
  6. Take steady breaths and stare straight ahead.
  7. Hold on to the pose for a minute.
  8. Return to the initial position. 

B. Benefits of Chair Yoga Pose

  1. Firms thigh muscles and hips
  2. Strengthens spine and shoulders
  3. Improves digestion and heart health
  4. Tones the core muscles


15. Cobra or Snake Pose

This is one of the fun and highly beneficial animal yoga poses for kids.

A. How to do:

  1. Lay on the floor on your belly.
  2. Hands should be under the shoulders with palms facing outwards.
  3. Lift the upper torso from the waist up.
  4. Only use your back muscles and core to do it. Don’t push with the arms or shoulders.
  5. Hold the pose for a few moments.
  6. Return to the initial position.

B. Benefits of Cobra Pose

  1. Improves posture
  2. Strengthens spine and relives back pain.
  3. Tones the core muscles
  4. Promotes blood circulation


16. Lion Yoga Pose

This is an animal yoga pose for kids which simulates the lion’s growling. Children love it as they get to roar or at least grunt like a lion and enjoy. 

A. How to do:

  1. Sit on the floor with your legs folded forward and heels tucked under the hips.
  2. Palms should face downwards and rest on the knees.
  3. Inhale from the nose and stick your tongue out.
  4. Keep your eyes wide open and focus on the tip of your nose.
  5. Now exhale through the mouth making a low grunting lion like sound.
  6. Do it for not more than 5 times.

B. Benefits of Lion Pose

  1. Great exercise for lungs and throat.
  2. Improves respiration
  3. Increases immunity
  4. Lowers anger, anxiety and stress levels
  5. Lowers hyperactivity among children



There are several benefits to starting yoga at a young age. It gives a solid foundation for your child. Regular yoga practice helps your child become disciplined and focused. They deal better with stress and anxiety too. Begin by having them do one or two yoga poses at a time. Step by step increase the number of poses as they become used to the practice. Explore Angel Bear Yoga that ties together character building, love for nature and imagination with kids yoga. 




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