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Do you worry about building confidence in your child? Does your search history contain the question that many parents ask- “How to build confidence in a child?” While some kids are naturally confident, for some it needs a little effort. Your words, your actions and even your expressions are what builds your child’s confidence from a tender age. Also, another major factor of growing self-confidence in your child is to connect before you correct him or her. Let’s look at some encouraging words of affirmations that boost your child’s confidence.

1. I can find something positive in everything:

When your child sees you looking at the positive side of every situation, he or she will learn the same. This way, your child will not just become confident but also grow resilience to spring back from any downfall.

2. I can do awesome things:

Let others judge! Believe and make your child believe that you are capable of doing great things for yourself, for others and for the world.

3. I can’t do this YET:

If your child can’t do something then say that he or she can’t do it YET. Focus on the word ‘yet’ for only then will your child grow confidence to try or learn new things.

4. Every day is a new beginning:

Once your child understands that every day brings new possibilities, he or she can let go of regret and then work on a better today.

5. I can grow and learn:

When you show your child that learning never stops he or she gets the motivation to learn.

6. I possess infinite potential in me:

Make your child believe that there is an infinite pool of potential in him or her. When your child is aware of the inner potential, he or she builds confidence to realise it.

7. I am unique:

If your child is different from others, encourage him or her about their uniqueness. Make your child feel proud about it.

8. I am perfect even with my flaws:

Everyone has flaws. Instead of trying to correct your child’s flaws, help him or her to accept them.

9. I am in charge of my happiness:

Not all days will be the same. You need to show your child that every cloud has a silver lining.

10. I believe in my dreams:

Your child has dreams and you, as a parent, need to make them believe that their dreams are valued.

Your question of how to build confidence in a child gets the answer. These encouraging affirmations help you to build confidence in your child.

When your child is confident, they create a strong foundation for the rest of their lives. Self-confidence or the lack of it affects every aspect of one’s life. The ability to learn, participate, be social, build relationships, go after dreams, and most importantly character– self-confidence affects it all. Today can be the day you teach your child and relearn these encouraging affirmations for yourself. How to build confidence in a child does not need to be a mind-bender any longer! Introduce your kids to activity-based learning with our Angel Bear Yoga Teacher’s Program. 

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